House Projects

My 1974 MG Midget

I have finally purchased a Midget that I've always wanted to own and since I'm getting up in my years, it's either now or never.  This vehicle hasn't been started in over a year's time so it does have issues.  It also have some rust issues in the passenger fender, both A post areas and the bottom of the doors, but other than that it's in pretty good shape.  My goal is to clean up the interior, fix the dash layout (modify it with a custom dash) and then start working on the exterior issues.  Repairing the rust areas and prepping the body for a paint job.  Once I get it ready for a paint job then I plan on doing an engine/trans swap first before painting the body.  I'm in search for a cheap but healthy 87-88 Thunderbird Turbo vehicle with a 5 speed transmission.   That's my engine of choice for the swap and it'll greatly improve the performance of the vehicle. I'll most likely have to also swap out the rear-end so I'll be looking for something like a Miata rear-end with disc brakes and then I'll have to modify the width to make it fit the Midget.
I am offering a finder's fee to anyone who can find a good running Thunderbird Turbo car for under $1,000.00 on the Central East Coast.  I don't care about the interior or exterior body, they both can be trashed but the engine must run good. No overheating, no smoking, no strange noises and no modifications to the engine or turbo. I want a stock drivetrain.