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1971 MG15 Crestliner

On March 3, 2012 I purchased a 1971 MG15 Crestliner that was listed on ebay.  The location of the boat was in New London, Wisconsin  On March 11 I headed to New London to pickup the boat and bring it home. I arrived at New London at around 10 pm Sunday night and got a motel room.  Next morning I drove out to pick the boat up and headed back to Virginia driving right into a storm.  I didn't get home until the following morning around 11 am since I stopped several times along the way to rest and get a few hours of sleep. 

This boat will be mainly a ski boat to take my daughter and enjoy having her ski.  I'm going to attempt to keep this boat as close to original as possible but it is a 41 year old boat so some things will need to be upgraded for safety reasons. 

I will be building a new trailer for hauling it since I don't like how the front sits up so high.  The new design will lower the overall profile of the boat on the trailer by putting a wider axle on the trailer and lowering the frame rails and bunks. 

I've also purchased a sewing machine for making a cover for going over the interior section.  Currently the boat has snaps on the top of the windshield and along the sides of the interior section, I'll just have to sew up a canvas cover and add snaps in the same location as what's on the boat and then I should have a nice cover to protect the interior from the weather.  I will also be attempting to recover the interior seats this Fall since the 41 year old material has seen it's better days.  I've been debating whether to attempt to keep the same color design or to lighten it up a little with and throw in some additional colors, such as gray, white or ?? 

My first project with this boat will be replacing the floor to get it ready for the water this summer.  We found a bad spot in the back section of the floor that definitely needs attention before the boat sees the water this year; so I'll be pulling the seats out and reviewing if I can replace the whole floor without pulling the complete top of the boat off. If I've got to pull the cap off (top of boat) this project will take an additional month or two.  It's a major task to pull the cap off and while the cap is off there's other things that should be replaced or at least checked to see if they do need replaced, such as the transom.  But as I pull the floor up I'm hoping to get a better idea of the condition of the boat underneath the floor so I know if I need to remove the cap or not. 

Items to add to this boat are: Fire extinguisher, bilge pump, binimi top, built-in fuel tank, new anchor light and ski equipment.  Depending on how this boat performs on the water, future upgrades will be hydraulic steering, stereo, GPS and a VHF radio.

I will be logging all work and activity related to this boat on this page and when there's in-depth projects being done on it, I'll try to add some descriptions with photos. Click photos to enlarge.